25tph SZL series chain grate steam boiler project for textile industry

Project boiler medium:Steam Capacity:25tph
Location:Anqing, Anhui Equipment:SZL25-1.25-AII

Customer feedback

The ZOZEN SZL series boiler had been in stable operation for years, which provided a reliable steam heat source for our textile production. We were very satisfied with the boiler quality and service.

— Shenzhou Knitting (Anhui) Co., Ltd.

Case introduction

As a piece of steam heat source equipment, the industrial boiler plays an important role during the production of various kinds of textile products. Shenzhou International is one of the top ten companies in the domestic knitting industry as well as one of the top 500 national manufacturing industries. As a main supplier of many well-known brands such as Adidas, Nike and Uniqlo, Shenzhou International has developed into an international large vertically integrated knitwear manufacturer. Invested by Shenzhou International Group Holdings Limited, Shenzhou Knitting (Anhui) Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in textile production. With an annual output of 80 million pieces of high-end apparel, Shenzhou Knitting was ranked in the 2019 Anhui Private Enterprises Top 100 Revenue List.The industrial boiler is very important for garment production lines of Shenzhou Knitting, which will directly affect the product quality and output. With advantages of boiler performance, ZOZEN became the heat source equipment supplier of Shenzhou Knitting and completed the manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the SZL series chain grate steam boiler. The boiler adopts a desulfurizer, a denitrator and an online monitoring device to achieve standard flue gas discharge. In addition, this series of boiler is a horizontal double-drum chain grate boiler. The furnace is composed of water-cooled wall, front arch, rear arch and furnace base. The large furnace not only reduces the heat load but also reduces furnace coking. Meanwhile, multiple independent wind chambers and air adjustment devices are equipped at the lower part of the boiler grate to supply enough air for fuel combustion. And, the fuel utilization rate is improved through precise air distribution. Besides, the SZL series steam boiler has excellent safety performance. The boiler adopts several protection and interlocking devices such as pressure, high and low water level to ensure the safe and stable operation.

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